Dried Seaweed, Rumpai Laut Kering, Marine Collagen, Sea Bird Nest, 海底燕窝, 海燕窝, 珊瑚草 (Melon/Purple Color)

Dried Seaweed, Rumpai Laut Kering, Marine Collagen, Sea Bird Nest, 海底燕窝, 海燕窝, 珊瑚草 (Melon/Purple Color)

Dried Seaweed, Rumpai Laut Kering, Marine Collagen, Sea Bird Nest, 海底燕窝, 海燕窝, 珊瑚草 (Melon/Purple Color)

Rumpai Laut Kering / Marine Collagen (Proses Semula Jadi ; Angin/Matahari Kering) (Warna Ungu)

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Dried Seaweed, Rumpai Laut Kering, Marine Collagen, Sea Bird Nest, 海底燕窝, 海燕窝, 珊瑚草 (Melon/Purple Color)


Species We Supply :Cottonii Seaweed, Tambalang Seaweed, Subu-Subu Seaweed, Aring-Aring Seaweed, Giant Seaweed, Crocodile Seaweed (Buaya-Buaya), Spinosum Seaweed, Durian-Durian Seaweed, Kav-Kav Seaweed


Seaweed usage

-Human food
-Seaweed Baths
-Seaweed as agricultural fertilisers
-Drift Seaweed
-Coralline algae
-Liquid Seaweed Extracts
-Seaweed industrial gums
-Medicinal Uses


Eucheuma Seaweed can make varieties of desserts and pudding, other than making soup and salad.


There are many usages in Sea bird nest (Eucheuma Cottonii Seaweed), also San Hu Cao in chinese.


It is sea vegetable. The marine plant of this organic seaweed is rich in enzyme nutrients, multitude fibers and jelly form proteins.

It is especially good for skin, beauty and slimming, vegetarian diet and daily fiber diet intake. It grows naturally and contains no artificial fertilizer or chemical. With contain necessary amino acids, non caloric, super low-fat and multi-fiber functions, contents of soluble fiber is high and with its active substances, it's polar soluble fiber will adjust insulin to keep blood sugar's balance, and to prevent from the diabetes caused by hyperglycemia. It also eliminates free radical efficiently for detoxify body organs and activate cell tissues for metabolism and anti-aging.

Instead of buying expensive bird nest, Eucheuma Cottonii (Sea Bird Nest) to cook with rock sugar, red dates and dried longan. It is really delicious and healthy dessert and soup for beauty skin and mainly it keeps you in good health too.


In Asia

, Chinese and Japanese have a long history to take seaweed and algae as the herbs of the sea, it is widely used as food and medicine, and we pay much attention to nutrition and health care recently.



Eucheuma Seaweed is significance for human health and function greatly, it can be found widely in Malaysia. The popular sources for carrageenan can be obtained from Eucheuma Seaweed, and it is merely soluble in water which need be at only such temperature as to dissolve the carrageenan composition, extract the active materials for industrial usage, and with great consumption of seaweed for people's living standard has improved and pursued for health foods and health care purposes. Seaweed is natural medicines and disease curing effects on human bodies since thousand of years ago. As there are various types of seaweed in the market now.


For Industrial usage:

  2. It can be used as emulsifier, stabilizer agent, gel agent for food industry such as this substance is used in the manufacture cream, chocolates, custards, cake topping and fillings, milk shakes, yogurts, dessert gel, canned foods, fish gel, sauces, and many others.
  3. It can be used as water based paints, toothpastes, lotions, shampoos, several pharmaceutical products.

For health and beauty care:

This nutritious Sea Bird Nest is best to eat it raw as salad and blend in fruit juice, plus cooking dessert, Jelly, and cooling drinks.



Eucheuma Seaweed nutrition details (per 100g):

Calcium-671 mg

Iron-671 mg

Magnesium-661 mg

phosphorus-139 mg



Ph on 4% solution-7.6%

Energy-266 kcal



Total Lipid-0.05g






Eucheuma Cottonii Seaweed - Sea Bird Nest may promote the oxidation resistance enzyme's activeness, strengthens the liver disintoxicating function, elimination free radical; The suitable supplement (magnesium, zinc, selenium, sulfur, germanium) and so on, it may also carry on the opposing reaction with in vivo heavy metal, heavy metal of toxin in vivo accumulation, discharges in vitro by way of the excretory system. It is very effective for constipation people, and it adjust the body weight, when after human body nonessential waste disposal, the body weight reduces naturally.


In short, Eucheuma / Sea Bird Nest Benefits :

  •    It adjustments body acidity
  •   Help to reduce cholesterol
  •   It is diuretic and good source of low caloric diet
  •   Good curative powers for neck pain and oedema.
  •   It has antibacterial power, expulsion of toxin
  •   It helps to prevent thyroid and hair loss
  •   Prevent constipation
  •   Long term gastrointestinal disease, like stomach ache, ulcer, constipation, diarrhea, hyper acidity, dyspepsia and so on.
  •    improvement hypertension and the hypo-tension
  •   enables the thyroid gland function normalization
  •   to eliminates nephritis effectively, arthritis,
  •   Strengthens the blood vessel, promotion blood circulation.
  •   improves rheumatism, problem on joint ache and backache
  •   Suitable supplement of natural collagen for joint cartilage, strengthens the physique and ligament
  •   improves problem on joint ache and backache
  •   natural organic sea plant for vegetarian and older age for its supplement in rich calcium and iron.
  •   Ideal weight lost diet for pre-menopause and obesity peoples

Firstly, San Hu Cao or Sea Bird Nest (Eucheuma Cottonii Seaweed) is dried and you need to soak it before you can use it. Those unwashed Eucheuma seaweed takes time to soak and keep changing water for at least few hours or 3 days and depends. 



Soaking in water and remember keep changing water at least 3 - 4 times.



After 5 hours of soaking and washed. For making salad, soak it for 5 hours and maintain its crunchy.



For making Jelly and drink, prefer to soak it for 3 days and change water daily for making Jelly.


With its healthy content of vitamin E and A, C and B complex, Amino Acids, Anti-Radical group, mineral ect., the micro nutrients which is good for skin and reducing cholesterol. Other than that Eucheuma Cottonii seaweed is good for gout problem too.


Besides from nutritious, it has medicinal properties that can keep you well, and against heart disease, diabetes and goiter. They are rich in iodine and such as potassium and iron. And the important is the calcium of it. it is good for old lady to prevent osteoporosis and strong bones and teeth. And I think this recipe is very good for upset stomach and those children dislike to take green vegetable. For those at risk of diabetes, heart disease and overweight, must try to make it a habit of taking at least 5 gm of sea plant like Eucheuma Cottonii (Sea Bird Nest) add into your diet daily.








1. 自觉身体不对劲,却检查不出病的亚健康人群。 

2. 脸色黯淡无光、面容憔悴,或青春痘不断滋生的人。 

3. 黑斑、雀斑长驻脸上,使用各种保养品都无法消除者。 

4. 全身出现皮肤病,如红肿、过敏、癣、脂肪瘤...等。 

5. 长期胃肠病,如胃痛、溃疡、便秘、下痢、胃酸过多、消化不良...等。 

6. 不明的小毛病,如头痛、头晕、口臭、狐臭、肩膀酸痛...等,均是体内毒素所造成。 

7. 身体有肿瘤、肉瘤等变异细胞。 

8. 一般成人病,如高血压、心脏病、糖尿病、肾脏病...等,因代谢不良所引起的疾病。 

9. 小孩体质薄弱,容易感冒,长期咳嗽、气喘...等,或是老年人因循坏不良所造成的疾病,运用珊瑚草净化法,既简单又安全。 


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